Avid Rapid Prototyping Services

Thanks for visiting AVID Rapid Prototyping Services. We are a Service Bureau which provides a quick and easy way to obtain Prototypes and Design Services. Our services allow you to make 3D-ABS Plastic Prototype Models a common part of your design process to help minimize the time to market.

Our 3D- Printing Service will aid your design verification and provide you with a realistic, physical model of your future product before investing in tooling and running high volume production. These models are useful in Mechanical Design, Architecture, Medical Design, Industrial Design, Art & Animation, Robotics and more. The high quality ABS Plastic Prototype produced by us can serve as an ideal pattern for soft mold tooling as well as a 3D Model for any type of visual presentation.

Avid Rapid

Uses Dimension 3D printers exclusively
for their accuracy and reliability.
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